Hangover Remedies- Cures That Work!

“I’m never drinking again!”, a phrase that is common among folks who have experienced severe cases of hangover. Ever wondered why you woke up feeling parched along with a splitting headache after a good night with your pals? Introducing Ethanol, the reason why you sense absolute lethargy that kills your motivation to start the day. Ethanol dehydrates your body and increases urine production thereby triggering common hangover symptoms like headache, thirst, dry mouth, dizziness leading to electrolyte imbalance.

Hangover headache remedy:

Why pledge hard to keep resolutions when you can fix hangover symptoms by heading over to your local chemist and getting hold of effective painkillers like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and also energy drinks that are packed with high concentration of electrolytes that instantly replenish vital nutrients that have been wasted due to alcohol consumption. Dedicated exercise practices consisting of few treadmill runs and push-up sessions will surely prompt you to rehydrate yourselves after you sweat it at the gym.

The most common hangover symptom is headache. A hangover headache is a throbbing, pounding misery. Rehydration is the key to avoid a hangover headache. According to research, the fructose competes for the metabolism of alcohol, preventing the sudden drop in alcohol levels that triggers the “morning after" headache. Coffee or taking other foods is not a complete or quick cure for managing hangover headache. Therefore, if you want instant relief before you head off to college or office; all these cure tips become pointless as they are time consuming.

Hangover Shotz, a hangover management drink, imbibed to relieve you from tasting the wrath of hangovers; is loaded with natural goodness to give you quick relief for a fresh start in the morning. So, before you head out to your next big bash, make sure to keep a stock of this herbal antidote with you.

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