Shamelessly laugh out loud with these relatable compilations of folks who couldn’t handle their alcohol.

One shot! Clink*

Have you ever wondered how you act after that last I’m-about-to-hurl shot?

Two shot! Clink*

Your friends might have an embarrassing tale or two to tell.

Three shot! Clink*

There’s always more to a drunken story. It always starts off great. You get into the right notes of being completely and unguardedly happy but then when you keep ‘em drinks coming, its guaranteed to make you do or say things you might regret the next day.

Let’s see how much you can relate with these folks who couldn’t handle their alcohol.

1. When you’re happy and you know it


2. Dance like no one’s watching

giphy (1)


3. From introvert


To can’t-shut-up!



4. Trying to order food while you’re wasted



5. Confessions anyone?


6. A friend in need is a friend indeed

giphy (2)


7. In complete denial



8. Trying to remember names seems harder than cracking your average algorithm



9. Vision Impossible

mission vision


10. Trying to get home and your legs start to feel like jello



11. Your friends got you like…



12. “I am never drinking again.”

anigif_enhanced-buzz-8479-1378125475-2 (1)


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Remember to live it up as life is one big party! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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