5 most common after effects of booze that you will definitely relate to

Remember that time when you got so drunk that it became an amazing story to remember and recite repeatedly, or that time when you did that thing which you couldn’t have done in a thousand years, but you did somehow with the help of mighty booze.

Yeah, we all have some crazy, wacky and sometimes creepy after-liquor stories to tell. Maybe that’s the reason we love booze right! To be honest, liquor neither tastes good nor has it given us 6 pack Abs. So what’s that magical thing which still makes us fall in love with alcohol?

And the answer is…

After effects of alcohol!

Yup! That’s true; because when booze goes down we go high and let’s be honest here that being high is truly awesome.

Here are some most common after effect of alcohol that you are definitely going to relate to:


  1. Love Confessions

Isn’t this the most common after effect? Alcohol is an instant courage booster. It gives us sheer confidence to confess our love to people.


  1. After booze anything & everything seems funny

Once liquor hits you good, everything seems funny. Unstoppable laughter is one of the most amazing after effects of booze.


  1. Secrets come out

Haven’t we all shared our deepest secrets after having a couple of beers, vodka shots or pegs of whisky & rum? This might look like a downside of alcohol, but it definitely helps us to connect with fellow drinkers. 


  1. Drama in public? Not a big deal!

The long lost and shy entertainer in you comes out in public once you are high.


  1. Fun is on even when you are alone

After having booze you become one man fun army. You don’t need to rely on anyone for entertainment.

Had fun?


Cheers to the good after effects of alcohol. May they always be in our lives.

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